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Time for Spring Landscape Clean-Up!

Spring is Just Around the Corner! Time to Clean-Up the Landscape!

The last week has brought sunshine and warmer weather to the Mid-South and has everyone at Davis Lawn and Spray in the mood for some spring clean-up! Are winter leaves still piled up in the flowerbeds at your home or business? Is your mulch faded and bleached by the sun? Do the ornamental grasses on your property need trimming?

Let the lawn and landscape maintenance professionals at Davis Lawn and Spray take care of you property this season! Davis Lawn and Spray offers full service lawn and landscape maintenance on commercial and residential properties.  Our spring services include: flowerbed clean-up, shrub and ornamental pruning, mulching, and weed control and fertilization.

Flower Bed Clean-Up

As we move closer to spring and all the leaves have fallen from the previous season, it is time to clean up flower beds!  Flowerbed clean up includes removing stubborn leaves that have collected around shrubs and edging beds to maintain definition from turf.  Our crews use high power blowers and rakes to remove leaf debris and clean out beds so new mulch can be laid and early spring flowers will have room to bloom.

Shrub and Ornamental Pruning

Now is the time to cut back monkey grasses and other ornamental grasses, prune rosebushes, clean and prune crape myrtles, and trim out any winter-kill or damaged areas in existing shrubs.   Our crews are experienced in proper pruning techniques and trim plants for plant health and aesthetics.   Properly pruned trees and shrubs are more appealing to the eye and have fewer pest issues throughout the year.


Fresh mulch makes a landscape visually pop and protects plants.  At Davis Lawn and Spray, we use the highest quality hardwood mulch and pine straw products to mulch beds.  Our mulch products are prepared to have long lasting color, limit weeds, and help soils retain moisture during the summer months.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Creating a healthy weed free turf is a year-round project, but spring is a crucial time for weed control and fertilization. Weed control treatments in spring greatly reduce weed issues throughout the summer. We make sure your turf is properly treated to create a healthy, dark green, and weed free turf during the growing season.

Enjoy your Spring and please call Davis Lawn and Spray for your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.  We specialize in year-round maintenance on commercial and residential properties.  Let us keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful year-round!

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