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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services

Davis Lawn and Spray offers full-service lawn and landscape maintenance to commercial and residential properties in Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Eads, Olive Branch, Southaven, Horn Lake as well as most of Shelby and Desoto Counties. Our services increase the value of your property and enhance the property’s aesthetics for everyone’s benefit.

Spray Services

At Davis Lawn we use effective fertilizers and weed management products to provide our clients with healthy turf year round. These high quality products are regulated by the EPA and safe for your family and pets. Each application includes an appropriate blend of products for the time of year it is applied in order to give your lawn exactly what it needs to thrive.

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Mowing Services

Includes mowing with high-end commercial mowers in alternating patterns, trimming and edging along hard surfaces and obstacles, blowing debris off of hard surfaces.

Shrub and Ornamental Pruning

Includes proper pruning techniques with hand pruning and hedge trimmers where appropriate, to maintain the size and appearance of shrubs and ornamental plants, and proper timing to coordinate with flowering of the individual plant

Flowerbed Maintenance

Includes weed prevention and removal, debris/clipping clean up, and beds are edged to maintain definition from turf.

Mulch Application

Includes highest quality mulch products to protect landscape plants and keep beds looking fresh, with long-lasting color.

Irrigation Management

Includes summerizing and winterizing irrigation systems, backflow inspections, checking all zones and irrigation heads for proper functioning, system repairs as needed, and fine tuning throughout the growing season.

Leaf Removal

Includes removing leaves and debris throughout the winter months to allow sunlight to the ground and prevent leaves from piling up in corners of fencing and against exterior walls.

Seasonal Color

Includes spring and fall color to give a visual pop to specific locations on the property, draw the eye to entrance ways and important signage, and improve aesthetics year-round.

Site Enhancement

Includes regular site evaluation and consulting to continually improve the aesthetics of the property and add value to the lawn and landscape.