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Spray Services

At Davis Lawn we use effective fertilizers and weed management products to provide our clients with healthy turf year round. These high quality products are regulated by the EPA and safe for your family and pets. Each application includes an appropriate blend of products for the time of year it is applied in order to give your lawn exactly what it needs to thrive.

We employ expert technicians that are not only trained in performing timely applications to different varieties of turf with high quality products, but also care about each individual client and respect your home and property. Large or small, residential or commercial, our technicians exercise great care in each individual property they service.

 7 Application Program

We utilize a 7 application program to keep our lawns looking their best. These treatments are performed on 5-8 week intervals depending on weather conditions and any seasonal issues that arise. In addition to the 7 applications we can perform other treatments to provide for flea and tick control, grub control, and integrated pest management.

Our program which can be customized to suit the needs of any property can be outlined as follows:

  • 1 Pre-emergent in January-February to prevent early season weeds such as henbit and poa annua. A Post emergent is applied to treat existing weeds.
  • 2 Spring Pre and Post emergent to extend coverage of weed prevention through the end of summer growing season. Also, a blanket spray of the lawn with post emergent to knock out any weeds like fireweed that germinate above the pre-emergent barrier in the thatch of the lawn. A fertilizer may be included to stimulate spring growth of the lawn.
  • 3 Balanced fertilization in late Spring to prompt even growth of the turf grass. A spot treatment of all weeds including foxtail and nutgrass will be applied.
  • 4 Balanced Summer fertilizer to promote continued growth and stability for the lawn. Spot spraying for all weeds that randomly emerge in the lawn.
  • 5 Balanced late Summer fertilization to promote steady growth through the end of growing season as well as provide a strong root structure for the off season. Spot treatment of late summer weeds like prostrate spurge.
  • 6 Fall Pre and Post emergent for weeds like the dreaded poa annua that emerges over the winter and spring. Weed killer applied for lingering perennial weeds like dandelion, whose life cycle is abnormal, unlike more easily preventable annual weeds.
  • 7 Liming for soil ph regulation. Lime takes a few months to take effect in the soil so the timing of this treatment in the off season helps fertilizers to work better during growing season.

This program includes free service calls for all Full Program customers. Davis Lawn provides a continuous service so there is no need to ‘renew’ your service each year. We plan on doing our part in providing quality products in a timely manner in order to keep your lawn looking great. All you need to do is water and mow and leave the rest up to us. We look forward to serving you on your lawn.