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LATEST NEWS – December 2014

Are Leaves Piling Up On Your Property? Still Needing To Do Fall Clean-up?

Are leaves piling up in your lawn or around your office building? Does your commercial property still have summer annuals in the beds and overgrown shrubs crowding the sidewalk? Let the lawn and landscape maintenance experts at Davis Lawn and Spray take care of your property this season. Davis Lawn and Spray offers full service lawn and landscape maintenance. Our fall and winter services include; leaf removal, bed clean-up, turf care, and irrigation winterization.

Leaf Removal

Our crews use high power leaf blowers to remove leaves from your residential or commercial property quickly and efficiently.  Piled up leaves reduce airflow to dormant turf, cover sidewalks, and become an eyesore for homes and businesses.  We can schedule single or multiple leaf removals to keep your property looking clean throughout the fall and winter.

Bed Clean-Up

Fall is a great time to remove summer annuals and weeds, lightly trim shrubs and ornamentals, winterize tropical plants, and put down a fresh layer of insulating mulch. Bed clean-up keeps the landscape looking great throughout the holiday season and prepares the bed for cold winter temperatures.  Our crews can quickly turn an ignored landscape bed into a welcoming feature of the property.

Turf Care

Creating a healthy weed free turf is a year-round project. Turf needs to be treated periodically throughout the fall and winter to control existing weeds and prevent weeds from emerging in spring.  Fall is also a great time to apply lime to turf.  An often overlooked treatment, lime applications balance soil pH, helping turf to absorb fertilizer more efficiently throughout the year.  We can make sure your turf is properly treated to ensure a healthy, dark green, and weed free turf during the growing season.

Irrigation Winterization

All irrigation systems throughout the Mid-South should be winterized every fall.  Even when water supply to an irrigation system has been turned off, the residual water in the pipes can freeze damaging irrigation heads and causing pipes to burst.  Our experienced irrigation technicians use air compressors to blow out all lines and properly winterize irrigation systems on residential properties and large commercial facilities.

Enjoy your fall season and please call  Davis Lawn and Spray for your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.  We specialize in year-round maintenance on commercial and residential properties.  Let us keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful year-round!

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